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How to get around

1. Due to Sintra's challenging road layout, please make sure to plan enough travel time to get to the wedding location! It would be a bummer for you to miss our wedding ceremony. ☺

2. There is often no reception in Sintra when you are on the road. Therefore, we recommend you to download an offline map of Sintra and the wedding location from Google Maps.

To get to the wedding there will be a shuttle available at the road junction leading to the Quinta. So in case you decide to take a cab or Uber to the wedding location, you can jump into the shuttle for the last few meters to the Quinta. If you come with your own car - no problem! There will be a person standing at the narrow road junction to give you the "green light" to drive directly to the parking lot next to the Quinta.

Please note that due to the difficult road conditions leading up to the Quinta, taxi drivers tend to avoid a direct pick-up at the Quinta. 

For leaving the wedding venue, we have organized a shuttle available from 9 p.m.-3 a.m.

From 9 p.m.-midnight the shuttle can drive you to the road junction leading to the Quinta (Quintinha de Monserrate). From there you can order a cab (+351 967459750/+351963809377) or Uber which will bring you to your accommodation. From midnight-3 a.m. the shuttle will drive to Quintinha de Monserrate (the road junction leading to the wedding location). From there another shuttle will drive to a central point in Sintra. It can drive to many of your accommodations in Sintra and also to Penha Longa resort. This shuttle makes sense if your accommodation is in Sintra. If you stay a bit outside Sintra (e.g. Sintra west coast, Cascais, Lisbon), we recommend you to take the first shuttle which brings you to Quintinha de Monserrate. From there it is best to order a cab (+351 967459750/+351963809377) or Uber to drive you to your accommodation.

As you can see from the map below, logistics isn't a piece of cake for the weekend! It is part of the concept though. These are beautiful places and we'd like you to enjoy the trip to visit the area. There will be some driving distance involved between hotels and wedding venue as well as to the Friday evening welcome drinks venue. In between you might want to see some beaches, check out the wild coast or some of the Unesco World Heritage sites! See the 'Sintra & Activities around' section for inspiration.


In general, we recommend to either stay in Sintra or Cascais. But also Lisbon works if you are fine with +10 minutes commute by car. There is not ONE big place for all to stay in Sintra or Cascais. It will be several places and you choose the one that suits you best depending on how many you are as "travel party" and your budget. 

Sintra itself is a system of small winding roads with some one-way streets. So even if you stay in Sintra, depending on where you stay, it might be up to 20 minutes driving to the wedding venue, though usually it is 10-15 minutes maximum. However, the Uber fares are cheaper, so for the party night you can easily take a cab to the wedding location and back in case all drivers want to party hard! 

















By rental car

There are many options for renting a car at Lisbon's airport. If you book ahead via e.g. doyouspain, you get a car from 60 EUR/day. It is the most flexible option and recommended if you decide to stay longer than two nights and want to travel around. The pickup at the airport (terminal) is the most convenient. You can roll with your luggage 150 m to the parking garage of the rental car agenices. You do not have to book the highway flat rate. You can pay the few EUR in cash or by card. Remember to book a second driver in case needed.

From Lisbon airport to Sintra/Cascais by cab

From Lisbon airport to Sintra or Cascais, taking a cab or Uber is of course the most comfortable option. If you do not plan to explore the region a lot or if you arrive at a different time than the rest of you travel party, this is a valid option and not super expensive. The Uber fare from Lisbon airport to Sintra is about EUR 30-35. The prices aren't fixed as you know and will depend on traffic and your final destination. We also recommend using Uber as no Portuguese is needed and payment is simple.

Joining us by bus, metro or train

For the adventurers and those of you who wait for self-driving cars to hit the market ;), taking the bus, metro or train is doable - no worries! We have all details available, just let us know and we'll email them to you. Expect approx. 1 hour travel time from Lisbon airport to Sintra and 1:20 hours from the airport to Cascais. We can also match you with another travel party if you want. So maybe someone else can give you a lift.

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